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About Me


Writer and Director

Her debut behind the camera begins with the short film Addio ( 2006), for which she also wrote the script. The short film is selected for a number of international festivals, it’s nominated as Best Narrative Short at the Swansea International Film Festival and Everglades Film Festival and receives a special mention at the Magna Grecia Film Festival. Her debut as a writer and director in the theatre comes with two one man shows called Io Parlo di Sogni (I Talk of Dreams, inspired by Shakespeare’s Mercutio) and Il Canto della Notte (The Song of the Night, inspired by the life and works of F. Nietzsche) both produced by SycamoreTCompany in 2006. In the following years, still for STC she directs a revival of Crack, a play by her husband Franco Bertini and Bruciati by Angelo Longoni and Il Recinto (The Fence) which she also wrote.
In 2011 she directs  La Festa by Michela Andreozzi staged for LET- Liberi Esperimenti Teatrali.

In 2014 she translates and directs Romeo&Juliet Post Scriptum by the young Swedish author Annika Nyman.

She also translates, adapts and directs To The Green Fields Beyond by the English playwright Nick Whitby; the production takes place during the 100th year’s remembrance of WWI, with the patronage of the Council Presidency and the British Council.
In 2016 she directs again Romeo&Juliet Post Scriptum in English at Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Actress and Voice Over Artist

She debuts as a voice over artist and singer when she’s seven years old.
Together with her language and acting studies, she continues with her career as a voice over artist (dubber) and ADR director, lending her voice to a number of famous actresses such as Penelope Cruz (All About My Mother, Open Your Eyes , Volavérunt, Woman On Top) and Cameron Diaz (Vanilla Sky, Very Bad Things, A Life Less Ordinary, My Best Friend’s Wedding, What To Expect When You Are Expecting).
In 2003, she receives the Romics Award to her career.
Her passion remains, however, the stage, since her early days treading the boards in 1978 when she performed in The Aspern Papers, based on Henry James’s novella.

She has performed in productions of Shelag Stephenson and David Mamet’s plays, both in Italy and touring Europe.

In 1995 she’s one of the protagonists of Penetrazioni at the
Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
At the same time she has starred in a number of TV and Film roles such as Sessanta9prima, Tutto in quella notte, Tuttapposto and Tom Fontana’s Borgia, in which she performs in English.

Work Experience



  • High school diploma in classical disciplines

  • Trinity College diploma

  • Actor's Studio Drama School

  • Royal Central School of Speech and Drama


      Skills: English, French, Singing



2014 NOI E LA GIULIA, Dir. Edoardo Leo
2012 SONO SEMPRE IO, Dir. Franco Bertini
2007 SENZA, Dir. Sabrina Paravicini
2005, SESSANTA9PRIMA, Dir. Franco Bertini
2004, TUTTO IN QUELLA NOTTE, Dir. Franco Bertini
2001, TUTTAPPOSTO, Dir. Franco Bertini, TorinoFilmFestival

2015 SOPRAELEVATA (voce) Dir. Emanuela Liverani 1999 TOILETTE, Dir. Massimo Cappelli
1998 THE BUILDING, Dir. Nicola Barnaba


2001-2004, LA MEMORIA DELL’ACQUA (THE MEMORY OF WATER), by Shelagh Stephenson, Dir. Massimiliano Farau. 1999, REUNION & DARK PONY, by David Mamet, Dir. Massimiliano Farau
1995, PENETRAZIONI, by GianMaria.Cervo, Dir. Carlo Fineschi, Edinburgh Fringe Festival
1992, TRITOLO TANDEM, by Franco Bertini, Dir. Franco Bertini

1978, CARTEGGIO ASPERN (THE ASPERN PAPERS), by Henry James, Dir. Giorgio Marini


2012 BORGIA 2, Dir. Metin Hüseyin
2009 R.I.S. 6, Dir. Fabio Tagliavia
2008 CRIMINI 2 “Bestie”, Dir. Andrea Manni 2007/08 CENTO VETRINE, Dir. Marco Maccaferri 2005 IL MARESCIALLO ROCCA 5, Dir. Fabio Jeffcott 2002 DON MATTEO, Dir. Andrea Barzini
2001 UNA DONNA PER AMICO, Dir. Alberto Manni 2000 L’IMPERO, Dir. Lamberto Bava
1999 MADRI, Dir. Angelo Longoni
1993 COCCODRILLI, Dir. José M.Sanchez
1988 AFFARI DI FAMIGLIA, Dir. Marcello Fondato




2006 ADDIO, by Georgia Lepore, with Sara D’Amario and Alessio Di Clemente:

Stratford-upon Avon Digital Film Festival (UK)
Annècy Cinèma Italien (FR)
Tout Ecran Généve (Switzerland)
Swansea International Film Festival (UK) Best Narrative Short nominated Expreciòn en Corto (Mexico)

Magna Grecia Film Festival (Italy)
Salento International Film Festival (Italy) Best Short nominated
Everglades International Film Festival (South Africa) Best Narrative Short nominated A Corto di Donne (Italy)
Italian Film Festival (Holland)


2016 ROMEO&JULIET POST SCRIPTUM by A. Nyman, Edinburgh Fringe Festival English adaptation by M. Bolotin

2014 TO THE GREEN FIELDS BEYOND by N.Withby, Italian adaptation by G. Lepore and F. Silveri 2014 ROMEO&JULIET POST SCRIPTUM by A. Nyman, Italian adaptation by G. Lepore
2011 LA FESTA (The Party) by M. Andreozzi
2010 IL RECINTO (The Fence) by G. Lepore,

2009 BRUCIATI (Burnt) by A. Longoni
2008 CRACK by F. Bertini
2006-2007 IL CANTO DELLA NOTTE (The Song of the Night) by G. Lepore

IO PARLO DI SOGNI (I Talk About Dreams) by G. Lepore

Georgia Lepore is also a dubber and a dubbing director.

Among the actresses she lends her voice to: Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz, Romola Garai, Julie Delpy, René Zellwegger, Leonor Watling, Heather Graham, Denise Richards, Marie Gillain, Claire Forlani, Maggie Gyllenhall, July Delpy, Thandie Newton, Shannen Doherty.

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